Three Sides to Social Media Effectiveness

Often we see businesses having a hard time negotiating the social media landscape, and missing the crux of what they are trying to accomplish.

Social media is not a sales mechanism, it’s a relationships mechanism that will eventually drive sales. All other aspects of the business will fall into place if you build the relationship effectively.

 Key Point: The goal of using social media for your business is to listen to what your customers are saying in order to facilitate a two-way conversation between yourself and them.

So what areas should your social media efforts focus on for that two-way conversation to take place?

It All Boils Down to This



One side of the social media triangle is devoted to attraction. By interacting with your target market, networks, or customers you will be building a reputation and attracting attention to your product, brand or cause.


Attraction happens in many ways.


Social media is about conversations and engagement. This is quite possibly the most important side of the triangle.

Social media is not a one way communication channel between you and your customers, and if you treat it as such you will never reach the kind of engagement necessary for social media to be effective in your business.The more you can engage the folks you are doing business with, the more successful your social media campaign will be.

How do you engage?

  • Ask questions
  • Ask for feedback
  • Initiate action
  • Be conversational
  • Provide value, give more than you get

 Effective engagement is built around the two-way value exchange


Retention should be a natural byproduct of doing the two parts above effectively. Once you attract attention to your business, and engage those individuals, they most likely will want to stick with you, if you’ve taken the time to foster the relationship.

Remember: The goal of social media is to build lasting relationships with those who chose to have the conversation with you.

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