10 Ways to Advertise Your Business On the Cheap

Who couldn’t use some more advertising, and what are some of the easiest ways to advertise a business on the cheap?

That’s the question I was asking myself today, when I decided to see if my friends on Twitter had any ideas.  As usual they didn’t disappoint, and within minutes I had a list of 10 cheap, or free ways to advertise your business.

Advertising on the Cheap

In this economy there is nothing wrong with being frugal, and there are literally dozens of ways to advertise your business economically. Think creatively, and just get out there and do it!

Let me know your best cheap marketing idea in the comments below.

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  1. Project:Me Online Personal Training

    Hello and thank you for these ideas. I love the idea of leaving cards in library books – I will take this one on and place the cards in relevant books.

    In response to your question – my best cheap marketing idea is commenting on blogs and linked in is a method that gets me traffic. Cheers for the tips.

  2. Marie Pratt

    Once you start to grow your business, it is time to consider giving your customers something tangible to hold. You can buy promotional pens for under 20 cents a piece, making them a top choice for businesses both big and small. Everyone uses pens, right?

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