8 Patterns Of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs

eightAre there certain habits, or patterns, many successful entrepreneurs share?  What distinguishes entrepreneurs from everyone else? 

Brent Bowers, author of 8 Patterns of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs suggest there are patterns and traits that nearly all successful entrepreneurs share. So what are they?

First: Opportunity

Entrepreneurs have an aptitude for spotting and seizing opportunity.

Second: Leadership

Entrepreneurs are compelled to be in charge, and act as natural and very capable leaders.

Third: Innovative

They have a history of innovation, and the entrepreneurial spirit has been with them since childhood.

Fourth: Adaptation

Entrepreneurs are quick to adapt to almost any situation thrown at them. They have an ability to think on their feet, and “just go for it”.

Fifth: Drive

Entrepreneurs naturally have a strong drive and determination to see their idea succeed.

Sixth: Passion

They have a passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

Seventh: Unfailing Pragmatism

Entrepreneurs act as their own best check and balance system. They take calculated risks, but never gamble.

Eighth: Setbacks Equal Opportunity

Entrepreneurs see setbacks not as failure, but as opportunity to learn and grow.

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