Seth Godin On Social Networking For Business – Is It Useless?

Social Networking For BusinessIs social networking valuable for business?  Seth Godin, widely considered an expert in all things marketing, says it may well be useless.

Seth’s Take on Social Networking

Networking for networking sake is worthless, according to Seth who answered the question in a recent Open Forum Q&A.

Having hundreds of Facebook friends, or thousands of followers on Twitter may not be as valuable as having a handful of deep relationships you can count on, people who will be there when you make the big ask.

Seth points out that networking is  always important when it’s real, and a useless distraction when it’s fake. The internet has allowed an enormous amount of fake networking to take place.

We are becoming too focused on breadth and not depth of relationships. We count who likes us today, and who doesn’t, and are consumed with the metrics (friends, followers, connections) and not the true nature of those connections.

What Matters are Where the Real Relationships Are

Seth says we should be asking ourselves “Are their people out there I’d go out of my way for, and would they go out of their way for me?”  That’s what you should be tracking.

And how do you get there? By going out of your way for them, and earning the privilege of one day having that connection be worthwhile.

Running Time: 2min

Your Turn

I’d like to hear what you think of social networking for business?  Agree or disagree with Seth in the comments below.

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