5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Is Not Working

Email MarketingAs Smallbizbee.com has grown over the past 10 months, so has the number of emails in my inbox.

A good number of those emails are forms of marketing, and almost all of them miss the mark with me.

Email marketing can be an extremely powerful and effective way to reach your customers – if done correctly.

Reasons Your Email Marketing Isn’t Working

Now, while I’m not claiming to be an email marketing expert, I can tell you why those who have marketed to me have nothing to show for their efforts. Here are the top five mistakes I see them making

1. No Relationship Built

Email marketing works best when the person recieving the email feels like they know you, trust you, and you have a relationship built with them to some degree

We read email from people we know, and skim or delete email from people we don’t. Simple as that.

Business is built around relationships, with relationships come trust, and with trust comes sales. For some reason email marketers, and business using email to communicate with their target market forget this.

2. No “Pull”

There has to be a reason to keep reading, a pull for the reader to continue.

Unless you are sending me an email at the exact moment I am looking to buy what you’re selling, just saying “Hey you – buy my stuff”, isn’t going to work. There’s no pull.

The worst offenders will not only be lacking a pull, but will go on for 1000 words without one, essentially repeating over and over again why I should buy their stuff.

Give me a reason to keep reading, tell me a story, give me value, show me how you’ll solve my problems, keep me interested in what you have to say.

3. Unclear Call to Action

Okay, I’m still reading but have no idea what you want me to do. Maybe you don’t want me to do anything, possibly this is only an informational, trust building email, and that’s okay. But, if you want me to “buy your stuff”, there better be a clear signal as to what you want me to do next, or I will take the easiest route possible and do nothing.

4. Poorly Written

It doesn’t have to be Hemingway, but it does have to be spelled correctly and use decent grammar. I cannot count how many times I’ve received a poorly written, mistake filled email where the person was asking me to buy their $299 info product. Why would I spend $299 on an info product that will be as poorly written/designed/produced as your email?

5. Low Correlation

For email marketing to work their needs to be a high correlation between why I signed up to receive information from you, and what you send me.

If I’m on your “Wine of the Month” newsletter list, your emails to me should be mostly, more or less, related to wine. If I signed up for your “Become a Better Blogger” emails, don’t try to sell me on Hawaii vacations. I may be interested, but when I signed up with you I had no intention of buying a Hawaii vacation. Keep it on point, and relevant to see the most success.


You don’t have much time in an email to grab the reader, and any of the above mistakes will have them clicking the delete button without thinking twice. Use this as a checklist the next time your business begins an email marketing campaign. If done correctly it will be a very efficient and cost effective way to reach your target market.

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