From Zero To Hero: 10 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Grow Your Email List We’ve been talking the last couple weeks about email marketing for your business, and so far we’ve covered a lot of ground and hopefully got you thinking seriously about integrating email into your marketing mix.

So far we’ve gone over:

The 5 Reasons your email marketing is not working

10 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using Email Marketing

How to Use Email to Effectively Grow Your Business

Today we’ll be covering how to take your email list from zero to hero so you actually have someone to use these marketing tactics on.

It’s In The List

The money is in the list. You’ll hear that saying a lot in the world of online affiliate marketing, the more people on the list the more people they have to buy their stuff.

The same is true with any email list, whether it be for an online biz or offline “bricks and mortar”. The more people on your list – more opportunity, especially if you’re taking the time to establish a trusted relationship with those on it.

So the goal should be to grow  a list, and grow a big one.

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List Online

These strategies will work well on your small business website, or if your entire business is online.

1) Make it Visible

I have to see your sign up box in order to opt-in.

2) Demonstrate Relevance

What am I signing up for, and why do I care?  Explain this if you can, right on your sign up form. Better yet have a section on your website that says “10 Reason You Should Get Our Newsletter” and then go into details on what they will receive by being on your list.

3) Give an Incentive

Give something away for free to entice sign-ups. A free report, discount on a product, access to a trial of your service, etc. The most bang for your buck here it to giveaway something that demonstrates you expertise, and proves your product/service rocks. Not only will they sign up to get the freebie, but if it rocks they’ll going to tell people about it. Word of mouth at it’s best – building your list and your immediate business.

4) Get Creative

If you can, use a creative medium to draw people to your sign up area. Right now video is hot, and a great way to get subscribers. Make the video yourself, of yourself, introducing what you do and what people will get for signing up to your list.

Video works well for two reasons 1) High perceived value 2)Builds trust as they can see you as a real live person

5) Include Your Privacy Policy

This can be as easy as stating “I hate spam and you won’t get any from me”…people are leery of giving their email address away to just anybody. Set their mind at ease for more sign-ups.

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List Offline

Have a brick and mortar storefront, or do most of your business offline – you should still be building your list. These strategies should help, and you’ll notice they don’t differ too much from the “online” world.

1) Make it Visible

Have a register or checkout area in your store – have a sign-up sheet by your register. Wrapping up with a client, ask them if they want to be a part of your mailing list. Since you will be getting subscribers face to face, be sure to focus on #2 below.

2) Explain Relevance

Tell them why they want to be on your list. How often they’ll hear from you, and what kinds of information you share.

3) Give an Incentive /  Exclusivity

Freebies work well offline too. Sample products, coupon, or offer for free service is usually enough to get them onboard. Also, make sure you stress that you’ll be giving exclusive deals to your newsletter/subscribers only.

4) Get Creative

Every interaction with a customer or potential customer is an opportunity to get them on your list. Think about all the different opportunities you have to interact, and get creative with the how’s and why’s to get them signed up.

5) Include Your Privacy Policy

A must. Let them know you don’t spam, and that they’ll only hear from you on relevant matters. Also, be sure to stress you do not sell or rent your email list – for some reason this is more of a concern when someone signs up to a list offline as opposed to online.

Time to Get Married

There you have 5 strategies to get your email list growing both online and offline – now marry the two. Anyone who’s been with me long knows how strongly I believe all small businesses should have an online presence, so grow your list using both online and offline tactics even if you’re a brick and mortar.

Work exclusively online with your business? I bet you go to networking functions, or interact with somebody in the offline world who you can sell the benefits of you list too.

Work your list building from both sides of the fence and watch it grow faster than you thought possible.

Up Next

Well, email marketing summer school is about over. Up next we’ll put all this information together and have you using everything you’ve learned to start growing your small business using email. I think you’ll be pleased with the results. 

See you soon…class dismissed.


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