One Little Secret About Risk Nobody Ever Told You

Free_ClimbYou’re starting a business, you must be crazy that’s so risky! You want to start a business, how much risk can you take? You’ve got to be nuts to quit your job and start a business, why take the risk?

Ever heard these kinds of comments from others, either about business or any aspect of your life. It usually goes like this

YOU: I’m thinking about doing ________.

THEM: What? Man, I wouldn’t do that if I were you, just too risky!

Whatever the topic may be, from starting a business, to wearing white after labor day, others are quick to give you advice about what you should do that is largely a part of what they perceive to be “safe” or “risky” behavior.

That Pesky Four Letter Word

Risk, or the perception of risk, has probably kept you from doing quite a bit in your life, I know it has mine. More often than not, this perception has been shaped by what others have told you is risky, and coming from trusted confidants you’ve probably believed them.

It doesn’t take much to be high on an idea one minute, and have somebody smash our dreams the next by using that little four letter word – R.I.S.K

But here’s the little secret about risk that nobody has ever told you…

Risk Is Relative

That’s right, risk is completely relative. So when somebody tells you that you shouldn’t do what you want to do because it’s too risky, what they really mean is that it is risky relative to their situation, their own biases, or outlook.

Risky or Safe, You Tell Me?

Ever seen footage of the guys who do free climbing? I’m talking about the people who set off up the face of a 1000 foot shear cliff, with no ropes, no safety harness, and only their feet and hands to keep them from plummeting to their death? If you’re like me you say to yourself “Wow, that’s risky!”

But, to the free climber who’s been doing it for 30 years, learned how to climb a rock face before they could walk, and have 1000’s of hours of climbing under their belt – ascending that mountain is safer than driving in a car, flying in an airplane, or riding a roller coaster at the fair. Activities that you or me probably think of as fairly safe.

When NASCAR star Jeff Gordon flies around the race track at 170 miles per hour, that looks pretty risky. But as one of the best drivers ever, and with years of practice under his belt, driving that track is about as risky as me walking my dog.

What Does This Mean To You?

Simply put – you define your own risk. Your background, personality, expertise, education, and essentially everything that makes you goes into what is risky for yourself!

When people tell you something is too risky, they are saying that it is too risky for them. Given their makeup, their situation, they wouldn’t try it. But what does that have to do with you? Nothing!

This goes for business as well as life. Risk is relative, don’t accept someone else’s risk profile for you, or live a life based on what others think is risky.

About the Author: Tim is interested in all things business. He is a serial entrepreneur, blogger and writer. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with family and playing video games. He currently writes on his video game hobby by giving Tips Black Ops 2. If you are looking to take your gaming to the next level check out

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