6 Tips on Getting Traffic to Your New Blog

We know a blog can be a great tool for businesses. If you’ve finally got your blog off the ground, the next step is to get some traffic to it. This guest post by Andrew Rondeau of Webuildyourblog.com offers up 6 tips to getting the traffic flowing in.

gettting blog traffic There’s a popular saying in business, that the hardest part of anything is simply showing up. While it holds true throughout many aspects of corporate culture and success, it’s certainly not true for the blogging world. If the blogosphere’s got anything, it’s millions of people who’ve shown up, some uninvited. Showing up simply isn’t enough to become a blogging success anymore.

You’ve got to generate traffic and promote yourself.

You’ve got to create timeless posts that circulate throughout social bookmarking services for years to come.

You’ve got to take an active presence in getting your blog out there.

It’s no longer about simply writing; promoting is the biggest part of blogging today.

Here are six tips for getting traffic to your new blog.

#1: Don’t just write for cash

It’s tempting to write solely for Adsense revenue, but doing so is a bit of a failed metric for success. There are ultimately two different kinds of blog content, made-for-revenue and organic. When you focus on revenue-generating content, you end up destroying your long-term financial potential. Focus on generating readers, not just cash, and start looking at monetizing your blog later on.

#2: Guest posts are great for generating traffic

There are always going to be bloggers out there with more traffic than you, regardless of what niche you write on or how often you write. There are millions of blogs around, and the spread of traffic between them all is truly stunning. Don’t think that you can get it all to yourself — cooperate and collaborate with other bloggers and expand your reach. Contact a big blogger about guest posting on their blog, and you could see some serious traffic come over to yours.

#3: Social bookmarking loves images

Got a post that could succeed on Digg or Reddit? Make sure you’ve included images in the post’s body copy. Most social bookmarking services seem to favor articles that have images and dynamic media included in the page, so ensure you’ve got something interesting for people to look at, as well as something interesting to read. Make sure you add tags to your images.

#4: Don’t sell out to promoters

Promotional posts are great, so long as they’re intelligently targeted and used sparingly. However, subscribers hate unnecessary promotional content, and using too much of it is a great way to see your readership dramatically decline. Focus on generating traffic, and leave promotional or sponsored posts out until you’ve reached a sustainable subscriber level.

#5: Experiment with different posting mediums

Video blogging is fun, and experimentation with it could generate more readers for your blog. Trying different post formats, topics, and styles is great for boosting traffic. When more people enjoy at least some aspect of your blog, more people talk about it, which means much more traffic.

#6: Use social media to compliment and sustain your blog

A Twitter account is great for promoting your top blog posts, generating buzz, and of course, increasing traffic. When you pair your blog up with social media services, you give yourself an avenue to drive traffic to your blog. A Facebook page might cost an hour of your time to set up, but it’s well worth the long-term promotional benefits.

What tips would you add? Share your views in the comments below.

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