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5 Ideas for Charity Based Business That Work

Maybe you want to give something back to society, or possibly you just fancy a challenge but there is an increasing interest in social enterprises and charity based businesses. So if you want to help charities, here some ideas to help get you started.

Donated Goods

People are always looking to dispose of old products quickly and cheaply whether it’s clothes or scrap cars. In fact many of these things are valuable to recyclers. For example China and India’s demand for scrap metal has meant the price has steadily risen over the last few years, leading to the success of car donation programmes such as Giveacar. The point is that there is good money in recycling, and the charity angle will both encourage potential donors and build trust.

Professional Services

There are a range of unique challenges that charities face from legal to fundraising. If you have the expertise to help then a consultancy might be the way to go. For example nfpSynergy, a research consultancy based in London is now recognised as an authority on Not for Profit news and issues.

Cause Related Marketing

We have all seen these campaigns where supermarkets and other large brands offer to donate a percentage of sales to charity. Often they will use it to raise awareness of a new brand or range of products. However business and charities need to partner for this to work and there are several agencies such as Rosica who help pair charities and businesses together for these campaigns.

Events and Venues

Ok this one is a bit of a cheat, as the demands for charities and businesses when it comes to events are largely the same. However if you have run a venue or events then offering your services to charities is both great public relations helps ensure expanded awareness through the charities newsletters and communications. Of course you can always offer discounts or other offers to try attracting charities to you


A lot of charities contract out their fundraising to specialist agencies. Whether it’s getting fundraisers out on the streets, phoning and emailing donors or creating fundraising events specialist knowledge and a dedicated staff help ensure better results than volunteers will often get.

Of course these are not the only ways you can help out, if you have a business that targets the charity sector we would love to hear what you do and your successes and failures. Mainly your successes of course.

About the Author: Daniel Frank is a marketer for Giveacar which is a site dedicated to helping people donate their used cars. He keeps a blog on the subject at

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