5 Most Unusual Office Desks

1. Mini Cooper Desk

British designer Glynn Jenkins has transformed the classic British Mini, now popular in the United States, into a modern piece of office furniture.  This desk, about $4400, costs about the same as the original Mini Cooper car.  Each mini desk is custom built to the buyer’s specifications.  Purchasers have their choice of desk top materials from leather, wood, metal or any color of vinyl, and can pick from a variety of tires and license plates.  The body of the car can be painted to match the décor in your office.  Although not exactly necessary for most office spaces, it is cool that the mini desk comes with fully working headlights, hazards and spotlights.  A stereo is set into the dash and speakers are incorporated.  This desk just may be too much fun for most offices.

2. The House on the Table

The House on the Table, designed by Soojin Hyun of Design Mong, is a retreat for any office worker.  No larger than the typical cubicle, this modern desk literally is a house-type structure situated on a large square desk.  It combines bookshelves, a vaulted ceiling, four walls, portals, interior lighting, and a door, allowing its occupant to have a measure of privacy previously unknown for many pod dwellers.




3. Treadmill Workstation

Steelcase‘s new treadmill workstation incorporates a desk, computer, and treadmill into one unit.  The design of this workstation is based upon the research of Dr. James Levine, of the Mayo Clinic, who is an expert in non-exercise activity thermogenesis– the calories people burn during everyday activities such as standing, walking or even fidgeting.  Dr. Levine’s research showed office workers can lose up to 57 pounds a year simply by walking 1 to 2 miles per hour while working on their computers.  The treadmill workstation is available in a stationary design or an adjustable one that lets you go from walking to sitting if you desire.

4. Plane Part Desks

What happens to retired military jets and bombers?  Would you believe that some of them are recycled into office furniture?  MotoArt has transformed a variety of airplane parts into modern, functional desks.  One of its models is the Douglas DC6 Cowling desk, made of the airplane part originally used as housings for Pratt & Whitney engines.  Now, it has been transformed into a sleek, contemporary-looking piece of office furniture.  Also available is the limited edition B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk.  This desk, designed for executives, features tempered glass covering the aluminum frame of a portion of the plane’s wing, revealing the details of its elevators and rudders.

5. Nethrone Ergonomic Workstation

Nethrone, a leader in designing ergonomic workstations, has created a sleek workstation with a tilting chair and monitor.  Nethrone’s Classic Workstation, although eerily resembling a dentist’s chair, comfortably cradles workers’ bodies in a massage chair while automatically adjusting the screen and keyboard angle as the seat moves.  Designed to cause the least amount of strain for its occupant, the workstation, available at a base price of $1999, is customizable with 3 screens, speakers, and an extra side arm.

About the Author:David Ching is a marketing strategist at EQA Office Furniture, a San Fransico-based office furniture company. Package pricing and free 3D virtual walkthroughs are available on EQA’s site.

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