How Cloud Technology Can Help Small Businesses

Big or small, businesses do recognize the importance of an information technology department. With a lot of transactions and processes done through computers and the internet, ITDs serve as the nerves that allow the whole body to function properly and efficiently for flawless business operations.

Not only that, IT is also essential in a company’s relationships to their clients. In fact, in a Forrester survey of 2,961 business users from Q4 2010, eighty-four percent (84%) admitted that technology is critical to “serve and support” their customers.

With their huge budget that can afford technologies and manpower, big companies have the luxury to have their own IT department that they can easily access and manage. However, smaller companies with limited size and budget usually find themselves at the losing end, lacking the resources to purchase software and hire a bunch of IT professionals.

But that was before they discovered The Cloud.

The Cloud is actually a dedicated server that remotely hosts data, information or certain technological functions for client companies. It allows you to outsource storage, software, infrastructure or platforms to specialized hosting services on the web for free or for a lower cost.

Several companies have already discovered the amazing benefits that the Cloud technology provides. Here are top three reasons why you should make the jump from the I.T. department into the Cloud.

1. The Cloud is all about simplicity

The premise of the Cloud is easy to understand: remote and efficient work. There’s no need for long memos or talking to a chain of command to get something installed and done. You just contact your service provider when needed; and with a good hosting company, your request is as good as done. You’re the client and the Cloud is serving you—you get what you need for a reasonable but relatively lower price.

In essence, the technology is also simple: the Cloud is basically an array of devices connected to big, efficient and fast computers through the web. This means that you can count on it for longer and better performance compared with your usual I.T. Plus, there are variations of the Cloud that have Windows and Linux dedicated servers, making it easier to plug your business into it no matter what kind of operating system you use.

2. The Cloud is accessible anytime and anywhere

Using the Cloud technology is like storing your files in the clouds in the sky and being able to access it anytime—wherever you go. You give your data to the hosting company for safekeeping in confidentiality, and you and your employees can access it from anywhere through any internet-enabled gadget as long as there is an internet connection.

3. The Cloud allows you to save big without sacrificing quality

Essentially, making use of the Cloud means paying other people to do twice the work a normal in-house I.T. department would at a fraction of the cost. It saves time and effort while ensuring better quality services since Cloud hosting companies have people and technology specializing in the function you are trying to outsource.

You would no longer have to invest time, money and effort on (1) hiring and managing manpower, (2) setting up systems for file privacy, (3) additional computer units and other equipment, and (4) installing, maintaining and regularly updating software and hardware, among many other IT functions. You are also spared from the hassle of system failure when trying to access your files remotely.

4. The Cloud guarantees privacy and security

Despite being on a shared supercomputer, the Cloud can promise security and privacy through virtual private servers or VPS hosting, which places clients into various servers that can work independently. This means that although you may be sharing a supercomputer with other clients, your data and files are practically separate from those of others as if it were on a separate physical computer.

All in all, the Cloud takes away a huge chunk of your business worries, allowing you to focus more on serving your clients and improving your products and services. By giving you the services of an I.T. department without extra cost, you can abandon the costly I.T. ship without hesitation and move on to a more smooth-sailing craft that lets you convert the amount you saved into more profit.

About the Author: Nikko Marasigan is a Marketing Consultant for ServerPoint a web hosting company. They provide VPS hosting and Cloud Hosting for blogs, forums and businesses since 1998

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