3 Ways to Get Your Marketing Materials Noticed

Your business’s marketing materials aren’t cheap, so if you’ve invested time and money into having professional brochures, pamphlets and other resources developed, why risk having them tossed into the trash by a well-meaning, but careless mailroom clerk?

The unfortunate reality is that most business people these days are so pressed for time that it takes a Herculean amount of effort to get your marketing materials into your prospects’ hands.  So if you’re struggling to get your promotional content noticed, check out the following tips on how to stand out and get your materials read!

Technique #1 – Mail your materials via Fedex

If you really want to get a prospect’s attention, send your marketing materials via Fedex or UPS Next Day Air.  Think about it – if you received one of these high priority envelopes, is there any way you’d even consider tossing it into the trash unopened?  Chances are, you’d not only open the package, but also make a note of how much the sender obviously values your opinion.

Yes, sending your brochures this way isn’t exactly cost-effective, which is why it’s important to save this strategy for truly important prospects.  However, if you’ve identified a great opportunity to pitch a potentially high value prospect, use priority mail services for your marketing materials to show how committed you are to the deal.

Technique #2 – Use hand-written addresses on padded envelopes

There’s something about receiving a padded envelope with a hand-written address printed neatly on the front that makes us subconsciously think back to care packages received at summer camp or in the college dorms.  In some cases, these happy associations make it more likely that your package will be opened and read, versus tossed into the recycle bin alongside other unsolicited mailings. 

As an added bonus, this technique isn’t nearly as expensive to implement as mailing your materials via priority mail.  Padded envelopes can be purchased online in bulk at extremely low prices, while mailing them at the USPS Parcel Post rate can save you even more money.

Technique #3 – Deliver your materials in person

Delivering your materials in person isn’t always feasible depending on where you’re located in relation to your customer base.  But if you’re able to, know that dropping off your materials off in person increases your odds of getting past the gatekeepers (namely, your prospects’ secretaries and mail clerks) who are tasked with keeping out uninvited promo pieces.

To make this strategy as efficient as possible, make a day out of it by scheduling a route that reaches various prospects who are located in a similar geographic area.  Call ahead to find out to whom you should address your materials and ask to speak to that person when you arrive at each office.  Even if you aren’t able to get a “walk in” appointment to meet your prospect face-to-face, you may find that simply being there demonstrates enough interest to get your materials read by your target client.

What techniques have you used in the past to get your marketing materials noticed by busy prospects?  Share your techniques and advice in the comments below!

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