How to Use Photo Sharing Apps to Increase Your Online Presence

One of the most important things for a small business owner to do is to build an online presence. Social media has become the latest buzzword for getting your business out there, but there are things you can do within social media to maximize your results. Photo sharing is one way to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s examine some of the ways you can use photo sharing apps to build your brand.


Service Reviews

Customer reviews are extremely important in today’s business climate.  Customers are more apt to purchase from a business that comes recommended to them than for any other reason. An easy way to get reviews is to ask customers for feedback immediately after you have a business interaction.

Health service providers, such as a dentist or chiropractor, can keep a camera in the office where the patient checks out. Take a picture of the customer and have them jot down a few words about their service. You can post the photo and comments on Instagram and connect it to your Facebook page so that other potential clients will see it.


Restaurant Experiences

Restaurant owners can give people an incentive for posting photos of their dining experience on Twitter. For example, offer a free dessert to people who take a photo of the table and attach a hashtag with the name of the establishment.  Not only will their Twitter followers see the photo, but people searching for the hashtag will see it too.


Build Followers

You want to get as many people to follow your business on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. so that you can build a relationship with them. For example, if you own a local pub, you can have your bartender take a photo of patrons watching the game at a Monday Night Football event. Then when the photo shows up in people’s feeds, they may be inspired to com join the crowd, when they may not have been planning to previously.

Link Your Social Media Accounts

You are probably already spending a certain amount of time maintaining your Facebook Business Page and Twitter account. You may wonder how you will squeeze in maintaining a photo sharing app on top of that.

Luckily, you won’t need any extra time, as long as you link your accounts together so that every time you take a photo it goes straight to Instagram. You can also set it up so that all Instagram updates automatically show up on your social media sites.


Sponsor a contest and ask for photo submissions with your specific hashtag. That’s a great way to ensure many people will hear about your business because hashtags are searchable. The more photos you generate the better. If you don’t want to run a contest, you can do a promotion asking people for to provide a caption based on a photo related to your niche.


Finding creative ways to use photo sharing apps can be the difference between being successful and extremely successful. Do you use Instagram or another photo sharing app for your business? Have you found any unique uses for the app?


 About the Author: Submitted by Kole McRae for Web Design Toronto



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    Hey! If you love photos, you sure love to share them as well. Meanwhile as an entrepreneur photo sharing apps especially for iOS and Android are a great source to boost up our business.

  2. Sponsorship Letter

    Very informative post Kole. Its really important to connect our social networks accounts. We need to upload image on instagram and it will automatically be uploaded to other social networks. Its good approach.

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