How Top Companies Have Used YouTube For Successful Business Promotion

In this day and age, YouTube is a major way to get any kind of product or service offering out there to the public and potential customers. It was how the world discovered Justin Bieber and is the launch pad for people in various niches every day. Here are some ways a few major businesses have used YouTube to promote all manner of offerings.

Staying Relevant

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A 100-year-old company like UPS can sometimes find it hard to relate to young people. Even people who have grown up with the big brown trucks and the smartly dressed delivery people can find it hard to see this company as something modern and vibrant. But UPS has invested a considerable amount of money and energy into every aspect of technology and keeping itself a relevant shipper in the 21st century. Through the use of YouTube, UPS can share its modern qualities with the public.

Adding More Relevance

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Microsoft’s days as a heady startup are long gone and the world knows it. However, Microsoft also uses YouTube videos to connect with the public and demonstrate that its best days are still ahead. By using¬† advice on ranking Youtube videos, companies can achieve extraordinary numbers of likes and followers on their YouTube channels. The more videos you post, the more relevant you tend to become.

Demonstrating Expertise

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Intel is the ultimate chipset manufacturer. More than 90 percent of the computers that businesses and home users use have Intel chips inside. But why are they the best and how have these chips changed the nature of computing? If you don’t know, YouTube can explain this information in an easy to digest format. YouTube probably won’t ever entirely replace school as the principal educational venue of the world, but it’s certainly helped Intel to break down the complications of creating microchips so that ordinary people can understand them. With enough videos on any given topic, nearly everyone can come to a solid understanding of how something works.

Sharing a Vision

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Cisco is one of the world’s foremost producers of networking hardware. You might be connected (or the server your ISP uses might be) through Cisco hardware. Sharing the vision of how Cisco wants to link the world together is a major component of its YouTube channel’s content. But Cisco is far from the only company that wants to help the world understand why it does as it does.

IBM Keeps Up to Date

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Some people don’t know this, but IBM is as cutting edge as it was in the 1940s. IBM has a strong and detailed vision for where it wants to take the joint worlds of hardware and software moving forward. Through YouTube, IBM can share the vision it has and let users understand what this vision means for them. A lot of times a picture really is worth a thousand words. The exchange rate gets even more unfair when a video enters the scene.

YouTube is a powerful tool to promote just about anything. These are some great starting ideas for launching your own promotional campaigns.

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